• Football Nation 35 is Israel. Or is it Austria?

  • Proud in orange. Football Nation 35 is Israel.

55 Football Nations Updates

55FN video diaries

55 Football Nations has been taking some short video diaries on the European football road. He hasn’t done much with them. Until now. Sport Nation have compiled this entertaining montage from the first... READ MORE

Journey through Europe

55 Football Nations is one big board game. It’s a logistical challenge to experience top division football across Europe in one season. It’s a balance of organisation and spontaneity. It’s about finding stories... READ MORE

55FN feature on Polish TV

Who is Matt Walker? 55 Football Nations explained his project to Canal+ Sport, the Polish television channel, in a Kazimierz tapas restaurant before the Kraków derby. The short documentary includes the famous 55FN map, a... READ MORE