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55 Football Nations Updates

Away from Tomé

Bats swooped through the airy rooms of the clapboard plantation house I was staying in. Elemental rain hammered the lush undergrowth and large fruits thudded to the ground. I walked down the middle... READ MORE

Eaten the World Cup

It all started with an Ecuadorian fish stew on the damp Holloway Road. Perhaps every World Cup should. My stew had depth and colour and blew away the dark night. On the pitch, hosts Qatar were overwhelmed by an... READ MORE

Eat the World Cup: foodline

I’ve watched the 2022 World Cup in London restaurants and bars from all 32 participating countries. The Eat the World Cup foodline details the locations, dishes and drinks sampled on this epic culinary football challenge. Number... READ MORE

Eat the World Cup

Eat the World Cup is a mission to watch the 2022 World Cup in London restaurants and bars that represent all of the 32 participating countries. It involves experiencing Argentina with a steak, Germany with a... READ MORE

Red mist

Madagascar is a curious fusion of Africa, Asia and French legacy. I took a battered Renault into the centre of Antananarivo, the Malagasy capital affectionately known as Tana. The short distance took over... READ MORE

Bat out of Val

Spain’s third largest urban area is a city of layers. It was founded by the Romans as Valentia, controlled by the Moors and overtaken by Christians accompanied by a lucky bat. The bat... READ MORE