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55 Football Nations Updates

Cretan hop

I picked up a cheap replica of the Phaistos disc in a tourist shop outside the Minoan palace of Knossos. The Phaistos disc, an inscribed clay circle housed in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, has... READ MORE

Fort knocks

For once, this wasn’t a football trip. But it is hard to avoid the influence of Hajduk when visiting Split. Hajduk graffiti is everywhere, not just in Croatia’s second city but all around... READ MORE

Interview with a nomad

Ultimate traveller website NomadMania divides the world into 1,301 regions based on territory, population, diversity, economy and tourist appeal. I had visited 373 of the world’s 1,301 regions (England rank: 43 / International... READ MORE

Peso of life

Viva Mexico! I watched top-flight matches at two 2026 World Cup stadiums: the Akron in Guadalajara and the legendary Azteca in Mexico City. And experienced the heady commerce of the Mexican game –... READ MORE