Completing 55 Football Nations in one season is not that mad

Football and the world are changing faster than I can type. There is a new immediacy that makes experiences live short in the memory. 55 Football Nations provides democracy and a rare consistency. All the leagues, teams and supporters are experiencing football over the same 2017-18 season. The season that, like my travels, will end at the World Cup in Russia.

It’s also a challenge! Is it possible become the first person to complete 55 Football Nations in one season or, at least, the first to then write a narrative based on it? This is a project inspired by the meanderings of Paul Theroux, Jonathan Wilson and Bill Bryson and the lunacy of Tony Hawks’ ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge.’

It is difficult to predict the hurdles I will face, but they are more likely to be due to foggy postponements or political instability than electrical.

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