What is 55 Football Nations?

Europe remains the richest vein of football’s expanding body. The UEFA family now covers 55 members from traditional heavyweights to more recent upstarts Gibraltar (affiliated in 2013) and Kosovo (2016). League football forms the backbone of European football, attracting crowds of over 170 million each season.

I plan to be the first to watch a live football match in all of these lands, covering the top national leagues in places as diverse as the Faroe Islands, Israel and Kazakhstan between June 2017 and May 2018. I also aim to interview fans from across Europe at the matches that I attend, drawing common threads from the supporters that remain the lifeblood of the game.

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  1. Great ambition and project!
    I’m a Woking fan from China, and just find your website via the Dutch Cards report.
    Watching live football and other ball match, no matter it’s a topflight clash or only amateur games, brings me great joy and opportunity to learn various culture. Not long ago I started a blog sharing my (and my friends’) experiences and thoughts on this topic in Chinese Wechat public platform, just to encourage more people to go outdoors and watch live match, instead of watching tv or mobile phone or playing pc games.
    I think your plan and travel journals would be ideal resources of my blog, and I’m thinking about translate some of your articles into Chinese, just to share the great challenge and precious experience to fans in China, certainly without any commercial purpose.
    Wish you a successful and happy journey!

  2. 55FootballNations

    Hi Azu, thanks for your interest in 55 Football Nations. It’s great to have a follower in China. All publicity is good for the project. Please include a link through to this website in your blog. The Mandarin version of 55footballnations.com is some way off, but I will continue to include plenty of photos from my football travels.

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