Lonely Planet publish 55FN interview

Lonely Planet have published a 55 Football Nations interview with Matt Walker, intrepid football fan, as part of their Meet a Traveller series.

It’s a routine familiar to millions of devoted football supporters: a sunny Saturday afternoon in the stands, a packet of sesame seeds in one hand and a flare in the other, the home team’s manager embroiled in a heated argument with spectators.

OK, so perhaps this isn’t your average game-day experience, but it’s quickly becoming the norm for footie fanatic and veteran traveller Matt Walker, who has set himself the challenge of watching a top flight football match in each of UEFA’s 55 European leagues, all in just one season. We cornered Matt during a brief stoppage in his year-long tour to discuss travel habits, hardcore fans and the importance of packing a coat.

“The first time I properly travelled on my own I went to visit my sister who was living in Russia and I turned up in March without a coat. Take half the clothes you plan to, but always take a coat, especially if you’re planning to catch the Krakow derby in December.” You can’t beat travel advice like that.

The full interview with Lonely Planet is available here.

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