55FN teams and statistics

It became a pre-match ritual. I wrote down the previous matchday line-ups for the home and away sides in my notepad, the squad numbers and surnames an exciting foretaste of every step of my almighty challenge. As a result, I would always favour a quiet opening to the match itself, with the ball being gently passed between centre backs, whilst I adjusted my note of the starting elevens and attempted to identify the formations deployed.

55 Football Nations encompassed 79 top division matches across all 55 UEFA members. The downloadable 55FN Team Lineups provides the team line ups, formations and goalscorers for all these 55FN matches. It’s refreshing to see that Yevgeniy Kostuykevich, the famous Belarusian goalkeeper, remains the only player to score and then get himself sent off.

The downloadable 55FN Match Statistics provides in-depth information on all 112 matches – 79 top division matches plus cup ties, lower league matches and internationals – I watched between June 2017 and July 2018. This includes dates, kick off times, league positions at the time of match (and at the end of the season), attendances and my personal ticket cost. It also incorporates subjective ratings – out of 10 – based on the skill, player fitness, match excitement and atmosphere. And, lastly, you can now find out the estimated temperature at kick off and whether beer was available for sale in the stadium!

Both 55FN Team Lineups and 55FN Match Statistics are available as Excel downloads.

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