Europe United out in paperback

Europe United tells the story of my football travels across 55 UEFA nations in a single season. It was an amazing feat that seems even more surreal nowadays. The hardback/eBook have sold in over 30 countries and the paperback is published on 13th May 2021 to coincide with the summer’s European Championships. You can buy it at Amazon, Waterstones or Blackwell’s amongst UK retailers.

One of the unexpected joys of Europe United was readers getting in touch with me via social media or email. It was often on dark Monday evenings. This engagement provided me with some positive thoughts during the hard weeks of the first English lockdown (when the paperback was originally due to be published). Hopefully Europe United also provided some respite to those trapped in their flats or houses. We may not have been able to travel, or even watch television football for a while, but we could still read about far-flung places. And dream.

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